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ServicesClinical & Spa Skin Care Services

Your skin is as individual as you are. In order to maintain its health and radiance, your skincare needs must be properly addressed. Skin Fitness in-spa corrective facial series and chemical peels offer you a collection of treatments formulated to provide serious solutions for your specific concerns. Offerings available for hypersensitivity, dehydration, acne, lack of oxygenation and hyper pigmentation. Your certified skincare specialist will assist you in selecting the ideal corrective facial to keep your skin looking its very best.
Timeless Rejuvenation w/Myoxy Caviar - 90 Minutes
Moxy-Caviar is a superlative bi-thermal treatment containing a potent combination of innovative natural ingredients with unique abilities to deliver the most outstanding and effective anti-aging results. Due to this treatment's repairing and rejuvenating benefits your skin will visibly reflect improvement on deep wrinkles, skin firmness and elasticity.
RS2 Facial Treatment - 90 Minutes
Finally, a solution to this serious skin care condition. This alleviating treatment brings visual relief and results to dilated capillaries, congestions, blotchiness, and irritability, by delivering highly comforting and healing ingredients such as green tea, chamomile, and licorice. This soothing and hydrating treatment includes a gentle cleansing, 25% active soothing serum and rose thermal lift off-mask. Highly recommended for anyone suffering from rosacea.
Plantomer Facial Treatment - 90 Minutes
This is an effective treatment that is soothing, hydrating, healing, strengthening, and beautifying to the skin leaving it firm, refreshed, vital and healthy. Recommended for all skin types, especially irritated, sunburned, and ultra-sensitive skin. Perfect before special make-up application.
Anti-free Radical Facial Treatment - 90 Minutes
A unique triple layer treatment providing deep hydration and a vibrant glow. An ampoule rich in vitamins and essential oils is applied, followed by a lavender/ mint thermal lift off mask. While changes of temperature in the mask occur, the ampoule is penetrated leaving the skin moist, hydrated and radiant. Especially recommended for deeply dehydrated, sun damaged, and environmentally damaged skin.
Luminous C & Sea - 90 Minutes
This is our most popular and remarkable treatment that joins a high potency concentration of Vitamin C (25%) and pure freeze-dried seaweed. A treatment designed to refine, smooth, and reduce fine lines, strengthen skin elasticity, counter-act photo aging, and restore a youthful appearance. An orange lift-off mask follows to seal in its ingredients. An excellent treatment with instant results and perfect before a special occasion. Not for sensitive skin.
Youth-Renew Caviar Treatment
Lavish yourself with this utterly sublime luxurious therapy. Youth-Renew Caviar Treatment combines superlative anti-aging ingredients: Caviar, Retinol, Marine Collagen, and repairing Vitamins with a dynamic Caviar Filmo-Tech delivery system. After gently exfoliating and polishing, the pure Caviar film is first dissolved and then applied for immediate anti-aging results. Next, a delightful Caviar mask is applied and then massaged into the skin for repairing and preventative benefits. Ask for this result-oriented treatment to effectively counteract aging and experience an unprecedented proven-effective therapy. Available therapies:
  • Facial Therapy Treatment
  • Hand & Foot Treatment
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