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Is your make up an extension of your skin care or a reason for it?
Natural minerals and custom blend holistic make up are a wonderful way to support and advance your skin care program.
Years of spa and clinical skin care practice has proven beneficial in understanding our client’s needs for further supporting their skin care programs. Many clients have come to us requesting make up alternatives that can give them the same support as their amazing at home skin care.
Our customized and ready to wear make up line supports exactly this!
We have created make up that thinks its skin care. We have removed sensitizing and harmful ingredients while utilizing active, skin supportive ingredients that continue to protect and heal the skin.
Our options are:
Holistic Customized Make Up
Customized Liquid mineral foundation
Customized Lip Polish, Glosses and Lipsticks
Customized Eye Putty and Glazes
Customized Additives of your choice:
Anti Aging Peptides
Acne support
Calming agents for sensitive skin
And more
Make up is not one-size-fits-all, it is a very personal expression of who you are.
Everyone is unique! You know who you are and what you want from your make up. Now you can have it!! The color, texture and formulation, everything is perfectly matched to your needs.
Make Up Services Also available at the Center:
Make up Styling & Application Instruction
Personalized Style Make Over
Special Occasion
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