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Client Testimonials
Here are a few words from clients. Please contact Stevy at Skin Fitness to schdeule an appointment, or to learn more. 707. 763.SKIN (7546)
May Park: Full service client

I was referred to Stevy by a former roommate and friend. Going into my first appointment, I expected a normal skin consultation. What I got was life changing. When I left Stevy’s office, I knew I had found something much more than skin care.

I am a 23 year old female graduate student living in San Francisco. I am getting my law and MBA degree and therefore my stress levels are always high and my time limited. My sessions with Stevy allow me the time to breathe, relax and restore myself.

I had awful scarring and acne, particularly around my jaw-line, neck and chin. My skin was discolored and had patches of red and purple hues that made it look like I was bruised. In fact, my skin was painful to the touch. In the past I had tried going to different dermatologists. I tried certain prescription treatments but was not very happy about taking medication or applying harsh topical chemicals to my face. I also never warmed to the idea of getting my face peeled off or paying thousands of dollars per treatment. I did, however, want beautiful and healthy skin. I told Stevy that I wanted to start an intensive program. She assured me that so long as I followed the regime, I would see results, and I did.

I began a treatment series designed especially for my skin type, condition, and desired goals. Stevy utilized botanical peels, advanced energy and lighting technologies to create a non invasive approach to achieve my desired outcome in a timely manner. Each step of the way, I was educated, informed and felt very much a part of the process. This lent itself to my lifelong understanding and devotion to self care.

The peels are not the painful, abrasive chemical peels that are normally associated with skin treatments. They lifted the dead skin and scarring up along with the bacteria that had been caught deep under the layers. Outside of the sessions, she recommended daily skin care products as well as vitamin supplements to help my overall nutrition and health. I’ve been taking supplements ever since and taking to heart all of Stevy’s recommendations. The improvements to my skin were immediate. I began to see changes the first few days after my first session.

I’ve been seeing Stevy for 7 months now and I couldn’t be happier. My skin is beautiful. My acne is under control and you cannot see that there was any scarring or discoloration on my neck or jaw. My skin is soft and smooth and the pigmentation is wonderful. My confidence is up and don’t feel like hiding my face anymore. I feel that my skin is healthy and restored and I am very pleased that such was achieved through non-abrasive and healthy means.

I was so pleased with my results that recently, I have started a nutrition and training program with Stevy. My goals are to lose some weight and become more physically fit. I have complete trust in Stevy and know that what I get out of my experience is directly related to how much effort I put forth.

Stevy creates a nurturing atmosphere, free of judgment or criticism. She teaches you how to heal and nourish your body inside and out. Not only have I found a resource to restore my energy in a healthy way but I have also built up my immune system and learned to react to my body’s needs. I am around 200 students daily and when I am guzzling coffee and staying up all hours to study, my body is naturally strained. I thought nothing of it when I caught the same flu or cold that everyone else passed around or when I just felt burned out. I have not changed my strenuous schedule, but Stevy has helped me build a defense system against those defeating elements that I encounter. Now, when finals come around, I smile sympathetically at my friends who are floored by their crashing immune systems and are all catching colds. Stevy teaches me ways to alter my daily routine and build life-long healthy habits, without making me feel like she is turning my life upside-down. Her programs are very individualized and personal and set at a pace that her clients are comfortable with. Her sessions are about your personal needs and cares. Stevy is an invaluable asset to me as not only an esthetician and nutritionist but also as a life coach and mentor.